...raconte-moi la vie de tes soeurs actuellement.
  Homily of 17th June 2010 at Gaillac – Father Jean-Pierre Rey
Is it necessary, from year to year, to mark the feast of the witnesses of the Love of God – a Love manifested in the life of a man, a woman, who have lived several centuries ago?
To this question, we would like to give an affirmative response, by our presence. In so doing, we do not stop at an action of historical memory – even if this research is still to be done.
But we want to ‘find out’, year after year, how we can put into action the GIFT of the Holy Spirit, which was manifested at the moment of a foundation, like this one, of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition.

Since 17th June 2009, the life of the people at Gaillac, and elsewhere, has evolved remarkably, through numerous events of all kinds.
Since this anniversary date, the life also of the universal and local Church has passed through numerous changes, carriers of anxieties, and of hope……
Since last year, we have advanced in age….and, hopefully, in wisdom; and our personal life, our family life, our community life, have also changed faces.

This is to say, that our responsibility for today still stands, – above all - to re-actualise the paths of a fidelity to what the Lord is asking of us on this 17th June 2010; a fidelity which is sustained and encouraged by her whom we recognise as ‘servant’ , and perhaps ‘mediatrix’ of the grace of the Lord: Saint Emilie de Vialar.

1. Fidelity in Prayer
- in this life of relationships, in this attachment to the person of Jesus.
In this church of St Pierre in Gaillac, this reality of an active and contemplative prayer, becomes particularly important.

O Saint Emilie, good and generous labourer of the Gospel, nourished with the bread of tribulation over which you triumphed, by your unlimited confidence in the loving bounty of God, obtain for us the grace to love and serve Jesus, just as you loved and served Him. Amen.

2. Fidelity in the work for a better understanding of the Word of God.
and, consequently, fidelity to the annunciation of the gospel. It is especially there, where the events have lead us today….. with a realism which makes of us men and women rooted in the mission entrusted to us.

Lord Jesus Christ, You have called Emilie de Vialar to commit herself to follow You, in order to announce Your Good News; grant us, through her prayer and her example, to participate with joy in this same mission, and to work together with all our strength, You who live with the Father and the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever.

3. Fidelity in the service of the world and of our fellow human beings, in particular those who are not able to control their own lives ,… in order to accompany them with great patience and mercy,... so that they may free themselves from all the ‘aggressions’ which threaten them, and that they may be able to raise their heads high, with dignity.

4. So many other fidelities could be thought of, especially those of our commitments in our life as baptised persons, in our life as consecrated persons, in our ministry as deacons and priests…..

The feast of Saint Emilie will be celebrated again on 17th June 2011 ! What will have become of us? What particular stages will we have been led to face? We, obviously, do not know.!
But what we can already put into practice, during this time, is certainly this fidelity, renewed unceasingly, by following the witness of those whom the Church invites us to look at, as our elder brothers and sisters in the Faith.

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